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Premier BCK100BP
Premier BCK100BP 24" Battery Gas Range Black on Black
PERFECT FOR : Power Failures, Solar or "OFF GRID" Homes
SALE: $579.00

Detailed Description

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Battery Spark Ignition Range 
Premier Cordless Gas Ranges NO POWER. NO PROBLEM.
Battery Compartment Easily Accessible From Front Of Range
Your Replacement for Standing Gas Pilot Ranges.
Beginning April 2012 : The Department of Energy has banned the production of standing gas pilot ranges in the USA.
Our range will operate without an electrical source. NO AC POWER REQUIRED.
No Standing Pilot....Saves Energy
Battery Life Exceeds 3 Years
Uses Standard AA Alkaline Batteries
Audible "Low Battery" Signal
PERFECT FOR : Power Failures, Solar or "OFF GRID" Homes, Easily Converts for LP gas.

Benefits and Features:

Battery-Generated Spark Ignition uses 8 “AA” Batteries with “Low-Battery” Alert (Battery life approx. 4-5 years)

Four Cooktop Burners (9,100 BTU High Efficiency)

Lifetime Warranty On Top Burners

4 Inch Porcelain Backguard

ADA Compliant

Lift Up Top

17,000 BTU Oven Burner For Natural or L.P. Gas

Easy Access, Roll Out Drop Door Broiler With Smokeless (Porcelain) Two Piece Pan and Tray

Two Heavy-Duty Oven Racks With Four Adjustable Positions

Fully Insulated Oven

CSA Design Certified

24” W, 40” H, 28” D (including handle)

Shipping Weight 140 Pounds

Leg Levelers

Anti-Tip Bracket

Crafted With Pride and MADE IN AMERICA

"B" Battery Ignition vs "T" Thermocouple Models.

S Models = Electronic Spark Ignition (Glow Bar)

B Models = Battery Spark Ignition (Thermocouple)
T Models = Electronic Spark Ignition (Thermocouple)

1) If the grid goes down can you light the broiler, oven, & top burners?

S Models – No (you cannot light the oven, but can light the top burners)

B Models - YES

T Models - YES

2) If the batteries fail can you light the broiler, oven, & top burners?


T – N/A

3) What’s the difference between a thermocouple & glow bar?

Hot-Surface ignition, more commonly known as a “glow bar” is a widely used OVEN ignition system. Many manufacturers have gone to this type of system because it is more economical to make, complies with federal guidelines and works perfectly for most urban households that have access to electricity and are not concerned with amp/watts usage. The energy usage is a bit higher in these models, because when baking in the oven, the “glow bar” cycles on and off to regulate the oven temperature – (approximately 50% of the baking time).

The Thermocouple oven ignition system works similarly to a standard spark ignition, where when you turn the Oven knob to “LIGHT”, you will hear the click-click-click of the spark igniter. That clicking (3 milliamps of power) is the ONLY power that is drawn for the ignition AND use of the oven all throughout the baking time. When you turn the knob to light, a small pilot light is ignited in the oven. That pilot light then heats up the thermocouple, which in turn opens the gas valve to ignite the oven and then regulate the temperature.

4) How many amps does a glow-bar draw? 

3 amps while it is cycling on and off (about 50% of the time the oven’s on.)

5) How many amps does a thermocouple draw?

3 milliamps (only while “clicking” to ignite the oven or cook top).

6) Should I buy a T-model if I don't have electricity or solar power?

MAYBE – the “T” model requires electricity for the spark ignition of the oven and top burners. However, if there is not electricity available or there is a power outage, then this range CAN be lit with a lighter or a match. If you’re OK with hand lighting your burners and oven, then it would be fine to buy the T Model, but keep in mind that the electronic clock/timer or interior oven light won’t work.

7) Do the T-model clocks/timer oven lights work?

Yes – Any additional electrical components will continue to draw power. The clock draws 3 watts (.025 amps) and the interior oven light is 40w (.333 amps - but is not necessary to use). If a customer would like to be able to disable the electronic clock/timer, they can contact the Premier Parts Dept. at 800-858-5844 and order a pigtail, which will allow the electricity to bypass the clock/timer.

8) Do the B-model clocks/timer oven light work?

The “B” Models do not have any additional electronic function other than the spark igniter. There is not a “B” model a
available with a clock/timer or interior oven light.

Available Gas Range Quality Features

Peerless Premier Gas Ranges are crafted with pride and made in the U.S.A.  

All Cook Tops

Porcelain finish top... Last longer and is easier to clean.
Heavy Duty Grids... fixed positions... porcelain finish.
Recessed Design... keeps spills in place.
Lifetime Guaranteed Top Burners... assurance of quality and performance. 
Cook Tops (With Standard Burners)

Lift Off for your cleaning convenience
Removable Burners... easy to remove and dishwasher safe


Full Size Oven... extra capacity.
Completely Insulated... saves energy, better baking. 
Keep Warm Thermostat... 150 degree temperature setting
Baffled Oven Burner...disperses heat uniformly
Lift Off Oven Door... all models except 20"... easier to clean.
Heavy Duty Oven Racks... nickel plated with stop position.
Oven Door Seals... retain heat in oven.
Removable Oven Bottom... recessed area retains spills.
Leg Levelers (4)... factory installed. 

Roll-out Drop Door... easy access... positive closed position.
Large Smokeless Pan and Tray... all porcelain finish 

Chrome Heat Reflector Trays - Order separately when not included in the model number.
Easy Access Broiler with All Porcelain Broiler Pan & Tray
Exclusive Lifetime Warranty on all Top Burners... Your assurance of quality and performance.

Electronic Ignition on Pilotless Ranges... the fully electronic spark system allows both oven and top burners to be lit with a match during power failure.
Sealed Burners... one 15,000 BTU power burner, two high efficiency 9,100 BTU burners, & one 600 to 6,000 BTU precise simmer burner retain spills on cook top for easy clean up. The EXCLUSIVE LIFETIME GUARANTEED top burners are complimented with heavy duty square grids for many years of enjoyable cooking.
Universal Valves... On all open burner models allow easy conversion from Natural to L.P. gas without additional parts or special tools. Orifices for sealed burner models are included with range for easy conversion from Natural to L.P. gas.
Oven in 30" and 36" Models... A full 25" wide... allows more useable space.
Blade Type Control Knobs... With readily visible markings are easy to use.
Electronic Clock/Timer... The 12 hour timer is mounted in backguard with decorative tempered glass front... is conveniently set by a push of the timer button.
QualityGasWarranty     QualityGasBaffledOven     QualityGasBottomOven         
QualityGasInsulated     QualityGasOvenDoor     QualityGasSealedBurners
QualityGasClock     QualityGasBroiler     QualityGasCookTop
QualityGasWideOven     QualityGasBurner         


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